Announcing the 2017 Winners of the Second Annual Madeline Pape Memorial Competition!

Beatrice LimNikolai NyagolovThe jury for 2017 included Sarah Ho - piano soloist & teacher, Aaron Au - violinist & violist and Petar Dunjerski - flautist & conductor. They had a challenging job choosing just one winner. First prize went to pianist Beatrice Lim (student of Andrew Sims). Second prize was awarded to pianist Nikolai Nyagolov (student of Dr. Kyurkchieva). Two honourable mentions went to guitarist Cole van Velzen (student of Tyson Oatway) and pianist Demi Alba (student of Dr. Kyurkchieva). Students must be chosen by their teacher to participate in the event and each will receive a $75 cash award. Parameters for choosing the winner of the $500 scholarship are "a polished performance, regardless of RCM level, which is musically interesting and enjoyable to listen to". 

Mr. Fred Pape of Edmonton set up an endowment for Taylor students in 2014 in honour of his wife, Madeline Buckles Pape. Part of the proceeds are directed towards students of the Conservatory of Music.

Mrs. Pape attended this institution in 1941-42 before becoming a teacher. She loved music, and Mr. Pape says he hopes the scholarship will encourage deserving students to apply their God-given talents for the glory of God.


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